Unbelievably True Court Cases


Sometimes people need a lawyer for the most unusual reasons. In NZ there aren’t many court cases that are considered bizarre but throughout the world there are some very odd examples of court cases where you would certainly need an experienced lawyer on your side!

Driving a Mini

Have you ever entered a radio phone in competition and actually won. Cathy McGowan (USA) did just that and won a brand new Renault Clio. You can easily imagine her excitement turning to disappointment quite quickly, when she turned up to collect her prize only to be given a miniature toy replica of a Renault Clio, NOT the full size version which you can actually drive! Cathy got her lawyers on to the case and successfully sued the radio station for $28,000!


Has anyone ever told you, you look like a famous person? Allen Heckard of Portland, Ore.,was regularly mistaken for the athlete Michael Jordan but bearing a resemblance to the star wasn’t something he enjoyed. He decided to sue the NBA star along with the co founder of Nike, Phil Knight, in 2006 for $832 million.

However although he looked similar to Michael Jordan, even sporting a similar earring, he was eight years older and six inches shorter than the real Jordan. As you can imagine the lawsuit was swiftly dropped and you do have to wonder how he even reached that $832 million figure!

Bears really do love honey!

It’s not just human beings you can threaten to sue. In Macedonia a beekeeper filed a case against a bear who had been stealing the honey from his beehives. He had reportedly tried to deter the bear with loud music and bright lights. The bear was excused from attending court but the jury filed in favour of the keeper for lost earnings due to theft and he was awarded 140,000 denars. The amount was paid by the government as, believe it or not, bears don’t have access to bank accounts.

When it rains it pours!

Imagine filing a case against the radio station because their weather report caused you to become ill? An Israeli women did just this when the weather report was for fine weather and it rained. Being caught out in the rain she claimed she contracted the flu and had to have a week of work and was out of pocket for having to purchase medication. She won her case and was awarded $1000!

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