4 Tips on Relocating to Wellington


Creative and energetic, Wellington has been called by many “the world’s little capital city”. With more bars, restaurant and cafes per capita than even New York, with more than 363 kilometres of walking and biking tracks and with a flourishing economy, Wellington is definitely a very cool place to live in.

Already proud of its lively nightlife, world-renowned culinary culture and world-class coffee & beer culture, Wellington is a unique city that has managed to combine the cosmopolitan, innovative way of life with the warmth and traditionalism of a village. Due to the temperate climate combined with the low cost of living, Wellington is a very good alternative to any other city in New Zealand or Australia.

If you wish to relocate to Wellington, it is important to be aware of some the perks of living in this great city. Here are 4 tips on relocating to Wellington.

1. Know the Climate

The climate in this area is known as being “marine”, with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. The temperature seldom goes higher than 25 degrees or below 0 degrees. This makes Wellington a great place to live for people who are used to live in regions (mainly in Europe and USA) where temperatures range from -20 degrees Celsius during the cold winter months up to 40 degrees Celsius during summer.

2. Be Aware of the Business Sector

As an expat willing to relocate to Wellington, probably one of your most pressing concerns is to find a secure, well-paying and rewarding job. The good news is that the business environment in Wellington is strong enough to accommodate many types of job seekers.

There are plenty of public and private jobs available, in both financial and business sectors. What’s really interesting about this city is that the creative sector is also very strong, offering many jobs and other opportunities to international talent such as artists and people with experience in movies, fashion, music and theatre.

3. Enjoy the Lifestyle

Another aspect you need to be well aware of before relocating to Wellington is the lifestyle of the city. Wellington features all the luxuries and conveniences of major cities. The city is practically surrounded by water, offering exquisite harbours, waterways and beaches.

People in Wellington love sports and would do anything just to spend a few hours kayaking, sailing, surfing, rowing or scuba diving. People play rugby and cricket in the parks all throughout the city.

4. Find an Immigration Lawyer

Ultimately, you need to find an experienced immigration lawyer in Wellington, especially if you want to get the peace of mind that your relocation process is smooth and you will have no problems whatsoever finding a job.

Becker & Co is one of the best lawyers in Wellington, offering both property and immigration services to people willing to move to this beautiful area of New Zealand. Our attorneys have many years of experience in immigration law and could help assist you with any type of immigration-related matter, including entrepreneur visa, relocation visa, investor visa, work, residence and any other types of visas.

Contact us today at www.becker.co.nz and get a free quote and useful advice on how to make your relocation process easier.

Contact our friendly team at Becker & Co to make a booking!

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